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Ygyde is fun!

From:Andrew Nowicki <simple_language@...>
Date:Friday, January 7, 2005, 23:31
Memorizing euroclone vocabulary is as much
fun as memorizing a phone book. Only a
masochist can enjoy learning Lojban's grammar.
Ygyde is different! The essence of Ygyde is
playing with words. Suppose that V = vowel and
C = consonant. Any word having structure of
VCVCV, CVCVCV, and VCVCVCV is a compound word
that may have a meaning. For example:
"ywowo" = "noun hungry disk." Does this word
make sense? Is there any thing that can be
called "hungry disk?" Maybe Pac-Man? Your
judgment is as good as mine. Ygyde is not
protected by copyright laws, so you can change
it anyway you like.

Ygyde basics:


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