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From:B Elliott Walker <umwalk05@...>
Date:Friday, November 17, 2000, 6:47
rob wrote:
>Hi Byron,
>good to see you are back on the conlang list! >I'm lurking lately, but I'm very interested what is the status of Shdeete? >Do you have some more grammar yet? I'm very interested!
greetings, rob! it's been a while, but i couldn't stay away. i WISH i had more grammar for sdeete worked out, but sadly, no. i was hoping to do a ton of it this last summer, but my home-life decided to go to pot instead. bleah. (and just in case i needed any more self-pity, a song called 'sucks to be you' just started playing on the radio) however, if you just need a taste to tide you over, i have the sdeete number system sketched out (the cardinals, anyway). The basics (n#'s 1-10) are an impressionistic cobbling-together of a priori and quebec east cree forms. 1 pêc 11 pêcap 21 ništo-tâne usa-pêc 'usa' is the comitative 2 ništo 12 ništosap 22 ništo-tâne usa-ništo case marker, denoting 3 nece 13 necesap 23 ništo-tâne usa-nece 'with' 4 kêwat 14 kêwacap 24 ništo-tâne usa-kêwat 5 hiyan 15 hiyanep 25 ništo-tâne usa-hiyan 6 kaptwaš 16 kaptwašap etc... 7 pâšte 17 pâstesap 100 tomitanaw, pêcetomitanaw 8 âton 18 âtonep 1,000 mitâswâk, pêcemitâswâk 9 nupayok 19 nupayoksap 1,000,000 mîwon, pêcemîwon 10 nimkutât 20 ništo-tâne for numerals that end in 9, there are two systems: 59 hiyan-etâne usa-nupayok - '5-DECIMAL MARKER COMITATIVE-9' = 'fifty with nine' or 59 pêc anâmi-kaptwaš-etâne - '1 SUBESSIVE-60-DECIMAL MARKER' = 'one underneath sixty, one less sixty' an example of a larger number: 1,962 >this is where this system gets scary, it's rather... large.< pêcemitâswâk usa-nupayôketomitananaw usa-kaptwaš-etâne usa-ništo - = one-thousand COM-nine-hundred COM-6-DECMARK COM-two so........there it is. any questions? as for my signature phrase, 'pâtakimwukêc atimwêšup apiyêšupim ecanukwûpôk?', it means 'hast thou never seen a dog sitting in a tree?' it's really, really old shdeete - 2 years or so, so it doesn't bear much resemblance to the language now, but keep it in my sig anyway. parsing: pâta-ki-mwuk-ê-c atim-wê-šup api-yê-supim ecanuk-wûp-ôk see-2S-NEGadv-PST-INT dog-ACC-FOC sit-PST-FOCREF tree-DAT-LOC as you can see, it has a needless amount of cases and such grammatical protuberances flying about... rather ugly, but i find the sentence in its entirety to be eye candy at its finest. in sdeete's present incarnation, it would look like.... ugh. i don't know. will poke through my notes and piece it together tonight. Woo! byron.