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Re: OFF TOPIC: web servers (was Re: Tokana webification progress report)

From:=cw4t7abs <antiorp@...>
Date:Saturday, November 14, 1998, 15:54
>>How? If you disable your browser's Java you don't get the popup windows, >>but is there a way to get rid of them for Java-enabled browsers? Tripod >>puts the Java code on each page, so you can alter it so that the popup >>won't work -- I think the server just refreshes the code every now and then >>anyways, though, so it wouldn't do any good. >> > >The Webpage author has to disable the pop-ups by placing the alternative >banner ad on the page (it's called a geoguide - if your page has a geoguide, >then it doesn't launch the popup window when it loads). There's nothing you >can do from the client side to disable just the popups.
z!mpl! hav 1 v!ndou opn huz name tag = dze pop up v!ndouz name tag d!sz kausez dze popup v!ndouz 2 load !n dze [v.zmall] alread! opn v!ndou.