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Re: May you all...

From:Michael Poxon <m.poxon@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 6, 2002, 16:08
Rakun alle baran!
[ra-ku-n] [alle] [bar-an]
[(you-are)(imperative)(relative marker)] - [to dwell] - [(long{of

Bekun litse siella beidarea!
[be-ku-n] [litse] [siella] [beida-re-a]
[(to be not)(imp.)(rel.)] - [rain] - [forever] - [(head)(your)(locative)]

Omeina makes subjunctives by using "to be" or "not to be" plus imperative,
plus the relative marker (i.e., 'be it that...' or 'be it not that...'),
though in the unmarked aspect the verb 'to be' is indicated only by the
appropriate personal marker. Siella (forever) is a word I quite unashamedly
borrowed from Finnish, since I thought the sound of it hugely appropriate. I
figure if Tolkien could lift 'tul-' and 'tie' ('to come' and 'road'
respectively) I might be permitted this small amount of shoplifting.


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