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Duke Keenan the Ok guy returns

From:Keenan <makeenan@...>
Date:Saturday, November 30, 2002, 15:38
Greetings one and all!

I have returned after a long respite which started in july. I realize
that I don't post much when I'm here and everyone is asking themselves
"Who the hell IS this guy!"

Anyways. I'm the creator of that unfortunate and somewhat hideous
language, Ok. See for yourself:

Thats for those of you who haven't seen it yet. If you have been there
before there's nothing new.

My philosophy on reworking conlangs is to start over, keeping what I
liked about the language and replacing what I didn't like. Thats why the
Okpage sits there completely unchanged.

Glasca is an example of this philosophy. Its my attempt at fixing what I
felt was wrong with Ok. Sorry, Glasca is not webbified yet. Essentially
I developed a system of asimilation for both vowels and consonants.
Something that might have happened to Ok as it went through the ages.
Glasca is what I call Ok's daughter language. Its much tidier and hasn't
got all those consonant clusters.

Recently, a shiney new conlang appeared before the eyes of my
imagination! I have learned a lot about languages here on the conlang
list. I have no reason why I haven't applied what I learned to Ok
though. Stupid I guess.

It occured to me that Ok doesn't need tense and aspect! (duh). Trying to
represent it, just globs up the word. Also by scratching around for just
six different vowels, I can get rid of all those words with the
consonant clusters and replace them with nice neat CV and VC words!

So I did it and the result is Jugdjei. Go thither and marvel:

This is four lessons in the form of a phrasebook, plus notes that
explain a lot of stuff that conlangers are interested in. There are also
also 1700 word English to Jugdjei and Jugdjei to English dictionaries
but these elsewhere and who cares anyways.



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