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OT (Atlantis dept.) Re: Language family trees

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Monday, February 3, 2003, 22:04
Erick Rickheit wrote:
> Imagine this background: after Lemuria sank into the sea, its > citizens escaped to South America and Australia. In Australia...,
My theory is, and this is my theory which is my theory-- when _Atlantis_ sank, it just kept on going, right through to the other side (you will have noted that the direct antipod(e) of modern Aust. is somewhere in the North Atlantic). So it must be true. The tsunami caused by its sudden appearance in the South Pacific overwhelmed Lemuria-- and you've got it right from there on...... (snip rest of thought-provoking msg.)
> (Did you just say this to start a fight? Did you really want to > see four hundred messages arguing inanely over what a 'theory' > is, filled with theological arguments by people who never finished > the book of Genesis? Why couldn't you just have mentioned Hitler > and be done with it?) >
Now it can be told, since the thread has vanished, mostly: my first thought to put an end to it was, "Umm, which theory did Hitler espouse?" But-- ask a question, get an answer, so I bit my tongue/fingers and moved on to more productive speculations.