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Vocabulary 10a for a new conlang

From:Quentin Read <quonton79@...>
Date:Monday, February 3, 2003, 20:43
I just made up a new language and did some of the
vocab for it.  Information about it is at

PS I read the "Saharan" ravings and what can I say?
Hopefully someone will tell me that it was all just a
joke in very poor taste.

bathe - tesler (to get wet)

He didn't bathe yesterday.
Siosleruguls arktóratson.
not-bathed-he less-one-day.
at=day ark=less arktórats=yesterday

narrow - wottyru

This road isn't that narrow.
Nervit sioemolubils wottyrne.
Road-on not-very-is narrow.

jealous - mesku

I am not jealous.
Dosiolabulk meskdi.
Really-not-am jealous.

sting - tepyln (to jab, sting)

Luckily, the hornet didn't sting me.
Unmoven, dynru rellukšo nave sioplynugals.
Luck-of, [hornet] me not-stung.
unmov=luck dynar relluku=hornet (lit. big angry bee)

who - set

Who wouldn't [be]?
¿Setlilaru aisiolilara?
Who-being would-not-being?

grief - duntánv (lit. sad emptiness)

She couldn't come to grips with her grief.
Duntánven sioskugils tesondiv.
Grief-to not-could-she accept.
tesondiv=to accept

decrease - teroweni (lit. towards smallness)

The profits have not decreased for two years.
Merlonru siovarowenubans geladven.
Profits not-have-decreased two-years-for.
rlonar=profit (lit. to-money) ladav=year

annoy - tenossib

You couldn't annoy me if you tried.
Naso sioskogulp tenossib çon doplaregurz.
Me not-could-you annoy  if   were-to-try-you.
çon=if teplar=to try

camera - kæmryr
That is not a camera, it's a calculator.
Kæmryra siolabalk, ça kælkylubso.
Camera not-it-is, but calculator.

boot - Noun=dwoans Verb=tetkil (lit. to flick out)
She doesn't like boots.
Ledwoanso siobíabilk.
All-boots not-she-likes.

Don't boot him out!
¡Faso siotkilybinv!
Him don't-you-flick.


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