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From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 5, 1999, 12:37
        Hello everybody,

        Here is an idea I got while talking in #conlang: to create a Top 10 of
Conlang related web pages.
        The most interesting thing in that Top 10 is that the people who would
have to vote are... you!
        My idea is to collect the votes of everybody in the conlang list (even
people who never post, the more people will participate, the more
interesting the Top 10 will be) and to publish a web page with the result
every 2 months (every month would be difficult for me, every three months
would be a little too long).
        With such a Top 10, people who discover the conlangs will find a place to
discover the best conlang related webpages chosen by conlangers themselves,
and conlangers will discover web pages they may not know.

        The only restrictions to make such a Top 10 function are:
- you must vote for a web page, an URL, not only for a conlang (so you
can't vote for conlangs that are not on the Web). This limitation is due
only to practical means (I don't know the URL of all conlangs on the Web),
- you can't vote for your own web page (everybody will understand this I
- you must vote for only ONE web page at a time, and only ONE vote per
person (but you can obviously vote again after publication of the result,
for the same page or for another),
- votes are closed one week before the publication of the result (to give
me time to count votes). I'll send a post at that time.
- this last limitation is only for me: as the organizer of the Top 10, I am
totally impartial, and I won't vote. The Top 10 is YOURS!

        The first Top 10 will be published on March 1st. So you'll be able to vote
until the last week of February. To vote, follow those instructions:
- send me (privately at please) a post=
        the URL of the web page you vote for (mandatory)
        the name(s) of the conlang(s) (optional)
        a little commentary to explain your choice (in order for me to make a
good commentary when I publish the Top 10 page) (recommended)
- I'll send you a confirmation of reception of your post within 3 days. If
you don't receive it after half a week, send your post again or try my
other e-mail adress (I still don't confide in the
server of the school).
- wait until March the 1st and enjoy!

        Don't forget that you can vote for ANY conlang related webpage (old or
new, short or long, it's YOUR choice that count) as long as it's not yours,
and that you can change your vote every two months (in order to make the
Top 10 evolve). The more you vote, the more interesting it will be. So even
if you are only a lurker, you're welcome. We need YOU.

        So I hope you'll like that idea and that you will be many to vote.

                                                        Christophe Grandsire
                                                |Sela Jemufan Atlinan C.G.

"R=E9sister ou servir"

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