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joining concultures,was Re: Alternative histories andparalele universes

From:Carlos Thompson <cthompso@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 5, 1999, 16:41
Nik Taylor wrote:

> Carlos Thompson wrote: > [Long timeline clipped] > Wow! That is deatiled! > > > In this scenario the political culture in Europe, and finnally WWII would have > > been different. > > Hmm, are you sure there even would've *been* a WWII? Or perhaps the > question is, 2 World Wars instead of none, or only one, or maybe more > than two?
Well. I mention WWII because is part of Nowan history, as I know from Brad site. (probably it wasn't called WWII, but the Great Pacific War)
> > But probably the problems Spain and England had conquering America wouldn't > > have change the discovering and colonialism of new worlds in Affrica (but less > > slaves woud've been needed), India, Southeast Asia and Oceania. Nor the > > expantion of Japan, and the WWII (at least for the Pacific view point) and now > > Nowan, Boranesia and Sayat have diplomatic representation in Kurimpe, Jelamha > > and Daluram, and they communicate with each other in Malat. > > Who knows? The interactions of nations are so complicated, who knows > how it would affect it. There'd definitely have been colonialism in > Africa, India, SE Asia and Oceania, but probably divided up > differently. And the timeline might've been different, the colonies > might've won their independence earlier, or later. Japan would've had > different experiences with Europe which might've affected their > expansion, who knows?
Probably some American people could have develope expansionism. Not Hangkerim but probably Lemuraki or another Andean culture. Then when The Great Pacific War was trigged, South East Asia and Oceania, were divided between Japan, Lemuraki and England, and that war didn't affected continental Europe... posibilities are many, then I think I will focus in what happend to Hangkerim and which people (European, American, Asian or Oceanic) had contact with H. What I already know: Semtalika (America, Yucatan) invaded H. more than 2000 years ago. Lemuraki (America, Mississippi) fought Englishmen togetter with H., Spaniards (Europe) and then Englishmen (Europe) occupied H. territory. -- Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzon