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Conglang's first word

From:Ben Van Poppel <benny@...>
Date:Friday, October 2, 1998, 11:40
Hi all.

I've only just returned to the conlang list after a period of
high-powered exam preparation among other things, and have caught the
tail end of a survey. I would therefore like to mention the first word
that I came up with for my as yet unnamed conlang, which I believe was
one of the questions it contained.

For some reason, when I was about 14 I came up with the word kapeksa, and
harnessed it as the word for city. Oddly, the first gramatical point I
came up was the allative case suffix -ra. My conlang is still under heavy
construction however. It is, or will be, highly agglutinating, with a
five-fold distinction in gender: one for inanimate objects, one for
animals, one for santiant beings, one for mutable entities like fire and
water and an indeterminate, for use with time and sate. E.g., "it was a
long time", and "it seemed likely".