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Daily translations 1 and 2

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Saturday, September 23, 2000, 16:31
By a _lapsus muris_(?) this was sent elsewhere.

(1)  Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.
e anguwus ya andangen haniyuwi shurakale
e    añ-kuwus  ya(le)  añ-tangen  haniyu-i   shura-kale
DEF NOM-thankful  3s-be NOM-indicate soul-GEN honor-ADJ
lit. "thankfulness is the mark of an honorable soul"

Oddly put:  e anguwus yatangen(3s verb)  haniyun (ACC)....lit. 'thankfulness
marks/indicates an honorable soul'-- it is odd for having an inanim.
abstract noun as subject of a trans. verb + obj. noun; they would expect an
anim. N subj. e.g. "Erek(pers. name) yatangen (my mistake; the strange
animal; etc.),
OTOH, something like "tayu yatangen re..S.." 'this indicates that...S..' is
OK.  _tangen_ 'indicate, point out; remark upon' is of course related to
_taken_ 'to point' which implies the physical action.

This may be the place to discuss some possible changes: (a) Spelling--
elimination of automatic y/w after i/u, so that /w/ (labiodental
approximant) reflects only *w (or *v) and *b / u_u.  *w could not precede
*u, nor *y precede *i. So--
e anguwus ......  haniui ..... (though the glides are still there,
phonetically).   (b) Dropping the -le of adjectival -kale; it is actually
the infinitive/gerund ending.  It is already done colloquially, e.g. celika
'electrical'; so-- ya/shuraka 'he is honorable' instead of current
ya/shurakale.  (c) Consistent placing of the case/number endings on the
adjective, in the case of N + Adj.  So here, ....haniu shurakai (pl. would
be haniu shurakali).

And a question: what does one call the use of the def. article in a case
like "e anguwus"?  Categorical, maybe?  Similar to Romance usage:  La música
me encanta 'music (in general) charms me'.  Kash says:  e rinda ya haniyu
kashili 'music is the soul of the people' vs. masosir rinda "I hear music ~I
hear the music (coming from somewhere)"

(2) Appearances are deceptive.
   angandini acal yakraciyoñ  (or new: yakracioñ)
añ-kandi-ni    acal     ya-kra-ciyoN
NOM-front-3sPOS  matter/thing   3s-PEJ-seem
lit. "the façade/appearance of a thing is deceptive"