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Re: CHAT: I need help with the concept "New World Spanish"

From:Ángel Serrano <aingelja@...>
Date:Monday, September 2, 2002, 13:45
In Spain we have the "Real Academia Española" (Spanish Royal Academy), which is
the institution that "cleans, fixes and gives splendour" to the Spanish
language ( It exists since 1713 and is in charge of taking
care of the language, adding new words or removing obsolete ones.

In the other Spanish-speaking countries, there are other Academies, such us the
"Academia Mexicana de la Lengua" (Mexican Academy of the Language), the
"Academia Argentina de las Letras" (Argentinian Academy of Letters), and so on.
Even exists the North American Language Academy in the USA! These academies,
with the Spanish one, join to form the Association of Academies of the Spanish
Language, which publishes each several years the most prestigious Dictionary
for Spanish speakers: It contains not only words from the Spain Spanish, but
also many "Americanisms", this is, words and expressions from the
Spanish-speaking America.

I must say that "both" Spanish are the same. They have the same grammar (with
little differences, like the previously cited Argentinian "vos"), though the
vocabulary is more varied. (In Spanish-speaking America, however, they are
proner to accept English words and expressions more easily than in Spain, and
that's why Spanglish has evolved in several parts of the USA and in Puerto
Rico. But this is another discussion...).

Many South American TV films or series are seen in Spain. The dialogue is usually
understood without problems, though there are several words which sound strange
and funny, and which are not understood. But it is not a problem. And about
pronunciation, there are several accents, in the same way that there are
differences between British English and American English. And most of the
peculiarities of the Spanish in the Spanish-speaking American are shared in
South Spain and in the Canary Islands!


Ángel Serrano.

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>On 1 Sep 02, at 22:20, Roberto Suarez Soto wrote:
> A pity. Anyway, I'd say that if they write something that
> good for peninsular spanish, it isn't good (written) spanish at all.
> just IMHO :-) "Standard" spanish should be good for both worlds, not > just for one of them. Exactly like english, I guess. > > (I don't know if I would have a different opinion if I were
> south america; take all this with a grain of salt :-))
>My brother-in-law, who is from Peru, told me about a kind of "Académie >Espagnole" in Spain which keeps the language pure and sets rules, and >says that those rules are respected in South America as well. I'm not >sure whether that means that peninsular Spanish in general is >acceptable throughout the Spanish-speaking world. But at least it was a >comment from a speaker of SA Spanish which didn't dismiss out-of-hand >the validity of peninsular Spanish as a standard form.
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