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Re: CHAT: I need help with the concept "New World Spanish"

From:bnathyuw <bnathyuw@...>
Date:Monday, September 2, 2002, 11:07
 --- Roger Mills <romilly@...> wrote: > John Cowan
> > > Would a Brit. automaker protest and take umbrage if > an American colleague > wrote to him about tires, fenders, trunks and hoods? > Is that considered > "unacceptable"?? (It is true, that if GM sent a > bunch of US-printed owners > manuals to the UK for mass distribution, then it > would be a problem, a > question of intended audience.)
i think you'ld get a certain amount of confusion. just as it takes me a few seconds to work out what an american is going on about when they talk about 'fawcets' (sp?) when i'ld talk about 'taps' there's also the peculiarity in the numbering of floors of a building, britaing going ground, 1st, 2nd and america going 1st, 2nd, 3rd. i imagine this can cause a lot of confusion
> > In the case of books actually imported from the UK, > I don't recall ever > reading an American review that focuses on > "unacceptable" British > usages/spellings.
i'ld hope not ! ;-p bn ===== bnathyuw | landan | arR stamp the sunshine out | angelfish your tears came like anaesthesia | phèdre __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Everything you'll ever need on one web page from News and Sport to Email and Music Charts


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