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Asha'ille is Albanian?

From:Arthaey Angosii <arthaey@...>
Date:Saturday, April 26, 2003, 15:23
I was reading alt.languages.artificial on Usenet and deciphered a post that
read very much like Spanish.  I believed it to be written in Italian, but I
wasn't sure.  I googled for a "language identifier" and went to the
suggested  I typed
in the following in Asha'ille:

    Shavkordhi aet ne dasharid e'kath asha'ille.
    ("Stranger, you can't speak the language of Asha'ille.")

And it kindly told me that the language was Albanian.  So I replied:

    T'gir jhi kr'jhor nes dasharid t'dalbanya! Vep shavet n'o?
    Shav n'o vep'jhor aet t'kre jhelle?

    ("And this language certainly isn't Albanian!  Why do you say that?
    You say that because you're not good?")

And I was still speaking Albanian.  Then I realized that I'd forgotten to
lower the vowel in the word "vep" to form a question.  I couldn't quite
remember whether /E/ went to /o/ or /A/, so I tried /o/.  Suddenly I was
speaking Breton!  Who knew Albanian and Breton were so similiar!  Alas, I
then discovered that /E/ is really supposed to go to /A/ as a question, and
what would you know -- it becomes Turkish, just like that.

It was a good laugh, if nothing else.  :)



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