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Re: Thalassan possessive and object suffixes

From:Rob Haden <magwich78@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 15, 2006, 15:27
I also forgot to add... /i/ is used as a linking vowel in the plural
possessive and object suffixes when phonotactics require it:

_qaunatun_ 'the dogs (acc.)'
_qaunatunintas_ 'our dogs (acc.)'
_vikhatunitthas_ 'y'all's houses (acc.)'
_aspitunistas_ 'their shields (acc.)'

However, I might change the accusative ending to remain as _-m_ when
followed by a suffix, e.g. _qaunatumintas_ instead of above.  That would
better reflect the diachronic development of the language.

- Rob


Christian Köttl <christian.koettl@...>