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Mutated English: Re: Joe Re: Conlang by Mutation

From:Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...>
Date:Friday, December 19, 2003, 18:08
--- Joe <joe@...> wrote:


> Remember long ago, when I proposed that many of us > work on a seperate > variant of English. And see what comes out, and see > if they're mutually > intelligible? I still think that'd be interesting. > Any takers still?
Here's my candidate for quikie mutated English: Word order: more or less irrelevant. All gramatic functions marked by suffixes or marker words of some kind. Verbs: verb stems = present tense first person tense suffix, e.g. "did" for past pronoun suffix for person Thus: I ran -> run-did-I -> rundidai you said -> say-did-you -> saydidyu he planted -> plant-did-he -> plantidy object takes -it-is suffix He gave the book -> book-itis give-did-he -> Bookidiz givdidy or Givdidy bookidiz Binding an entity to a verb: When a named entity such as "john" is to be bound to a verb the special word "thadiz" (that-is) is placed between the verb and the name: John gave -> givdidy thadiz John The indirect object marker is formed by a prepositional stem and a pronoun suffix: to her -> toher The same special word is used to bind a named entity to the indirect object marker: John gave the book to Mary -> Bookidiz givdidy thadiz John toher thatiz Mary. (Book it is gave he that is John to her that is Mary) or Givdidy thadiz John toher thatiz Mary bookidiz. or Givdidy thadiz John bookidiz toher thatiz Mary.


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