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Terkunan: rules for deriving nouns, verbs, adjectives

From:Henrik Theiling <ht@...>
Date:Saturday, October 27, 2007, 0:12

Inspired by Ray Brown's strict set of rules for deriving TAKE words, I
started to find rules for Terkunan, too.  I've done the selection of
the base form in Latin ad hoc so far, and now wanted to find a more
formal set of rules.

The rule set is much simpler than for TAKE due to the simpler
morphology of Latin (or is it due to my lazyness?).  There are some
interesting parallels, however, e.g. that I also intuitively and now
formally preferred forms found in compounds, e.g. the verb 'to make,
create' was always _fik_ from the Latin compound stem _FIC_, not from
the isolated stem _FAC_.

My ad hoc choices had to be rectified for some lexicon entries, and
most entries are indeed nicer now.  The goal was to find the
'essential' form, the one you would associate most with a Latin word,
and so the ad hoc choice was usually not different that what the
formal rules derive now.  But the rule set seems to have found even
better choices (e.g. it is now 'diskus' instead of 'diskut' for 'to

Please comment on my rules:

Another change to Terkunan I made recently is to reduce the verb
endings to the normal -<consonant>, -i, -u, -e scheme just like the
nouns and adjectives.  It was quite impossible to justify why all
verbs have an -a ending regardless of their original ending.  Now, the
ending is thoroughly dropped completely. :-)



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