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Difficult-to-translate word (was Re: Error rate, Circumlocution, and Cappucino)

From:Nik Taylor <yonjuuni@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 27, 2005, 4:22
Paul Bennett wrote:
> What monomorphemic (or compound) words in your conlang(s) need to be > circumlocuted in English?
I've recently changed my romanization, incidentally x = /S/ ç = /C/ Zh = /Z/ ch = /tS/ j = /dZ/ u+vowel = /w/ i+vowel = /j/ Waanaxila - silence, simple lack of sound Waxanassa - "tangible" silence, i.e., the sensation one gets when background sounds suddenly cease Taxuen - Sacrifice oneself for others; become a martyr This is actually dimorphemic, and is a good example of a useful prefix, tas- "do something for a good cause", as opposed to tradai-/tradz-, "do for an evil purpose" Watasklaa - a "good" inconvenience, generally a situation which, while inconvenient, leads to a good thing (for example, if one were to be fired from a job, but then go on to find a much better job) Anassata - intentionally avoid mentioning a topic, with the intention to deceive Safai - come into existence (used in theology) Pazga - to declare ones intentions; as an auxilary "to reveal ones intentions by [verb]" ---------- Some verbs incorporate a social/individual distinction Façel - Go (of an inanimate object) Zaba - Go (in a social context) Kantos - Go (alone, but for reasons relating to a social group) Vulii - Go (non-social context) Laau - Eat or drink, in a social setting Kafchi - Eat or drink, in order to preserve life Vazha - act out of rage (auxilary verb) Zalji - do something for the sake of ones honor or reputation ------- Uaniisa - "Lineage" or "Family"; a group of individuals related in the female-line living in a common house Uaneshtokka - "Family", very broad, any individual of known relationship; also refers to obligations that come with kinship Uacheshnani - "Family", a group of individuals decended from a common - and still-living - ancestress --------- Wamixidan - a spritual journey Landaç - conceive (a fetus) Suneshtuu - A person from the same village, by extension, co-worker, classmate, etc. Wabaska - Leg of a two-legged animal, or of a person Mangada - Save from destruction Maada - Save from harm Wankatu - Time (abstract) Waiza - Time (period of time) Winii - Time (specific point in time) Nipali - To travel by water (boat or swimming) -------- A few verbs distinguish between how far one goes in them, these preserve a fossilized suffix -i "do to completion" Kloos - Stab Kluxi - Stab to death Kaapaa - Beat Kapi - Beat to death Xidan - Bleed Xidani - Bleed to death --------------- And a few examples of words for larger categories that English lacks a simple term for (since all too often such lists involve terms more specialized than in English) Wafchinipa - body of water (generic) Waçtani - Political entity; state, empire, nation, etc. Watani - Inhabited place; anything from a small village to a metropolis Chaai (or Kuilichai) - To have faith in Lalasta (or Klasta) - Flying animal (note: would exclude flightless birds) Pensaneshni - High land (hills, mountains, etc)


Nik Taylor <yonjuuni@...>
Nik Taylor <yonjuuni@...>