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Re: CHAT: (no subject)

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Sunday, February 21, 1999, 17:53
Hi. I'm still Pablo Flores but, as you see,
I've changed my mail account name. The first
"F" is supposed to mean "family". My brother is
going to subscribe to another list and we guessed
this was the best to avoid confussion.

Speaking of which, it would be interesting to
know about naming tendencies in concultures.
For example, are there first and last names
(surnames)? Which order do they come in? etc.

I'm posting this to both Conlang and Conculture,
so sorry to those of you who'll get this twice.
I think this is a boundary issue.

In Thaqulm, home of the Drasele'q-speaking
Dra'selhadh, the names are composed of the
following parts: a common first name; a
numeral particle which shows the position
in the family (order of birth among siblings),
a filial name (often the genitive case of the
father or mother's name) and a surname,
usually derived from the original home of
the family. For example:

  Teuli^m Mu"n-Uli`mes Qorqa"nqgrig

"Teuli^m, firstborn of Uli^m, of the
Qorqa"nqgron family".

The -ig suffix shows a single member of the
family; the whole family is referred to as
Qorqa"nqgradh, "the Qorqa"nqgrons", using
the group plural suffix -adh.

Some common names in Drasele'q (primitive
ROOTS and _actual words_ indicated):


Uli^m: ULI "father, ancestor, patriarch"
Teuli^m: TEU "son/daughter", influenced by Uli^m
Golthi^m: GOLTH "guard, vigilant"
Essali^m: _essal_ "blue"
Stevam: _stef_ "steel"
Velqam: _velq_ "silver
Galam: _gal_ "gold"
Dandi^m: DAND "noble, tall"
Ornassad: ORNA(-SAMPA) SALATU "stone(-made) sword"
Daignaf: DAYKEN, DAIGN "luck, fortune"
Saimon: SHAYMO-NU, "repeater, racconteur"
[as you see, -i^m and -am are masculine name formers;
-af is of rare occurrence].


Golthe'l: [fem. of Golthi^m; -e'l is a feminine suffix]
Raggrival: RAT "tall, high", GRIV "destiny"
Slenarr: _slem_ "peace", NWARONU "defence"
Nambevis: ENAM(-BA) AMAIBES MEIS "new day's sun"
Danthra'birul: EDA'NDATA-LA ZA'BIRHU "royal jewel"

--Pablo Flores (the firstborn... :)

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