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Re: CHAT: (no subject)

From:Hawksinger <hawksinger@...>
Date:Sunday, February 21, 1999, 22:20
FFlores wrote:
> > Speaking of which, it would be interesting to > know about naming tendencies in concultures. > For example, are there first and last names > (surnames)? Which order do they come in? etc.
Nowans generally have a Clan name, a Family name, and a Personal name in that order. Personal names may change frequently throughout a person's lifetime. This is discussed more fully on a webpage of the Nowan Reference Handbook which has magically reappeared at this URL; (or it might be .htm). I still plan to move my conlang and conculture pages, just haven't found the right home for them yet. -- Brad Coon listowner battleship-l (home pg. et al.) (outdoor and prim.skills) (wine and whisky pgs) Civilize the mind and make savage the body. (Chinese proverb)