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GROUPLANG: verbs and auxiliaries

From:Pablo Flores <fflores@...>
Date:Sunday, October 18, 1998, 15:50
I've been checking out a Basque grammar. It turns out
that verbs are declined by aspect, tense, etc., but
some inflections are added to the main verb while
others are made to an auxiliary verb (which is always
present). We could have that in our language, don't you
think? The auxiliary would help to lighten the burden of
the main verb, and it can be placed anywhere in the sentence.
It could also be helpful to replace the entire verb (as
in English).

In Basque, you say
"He did it" > "He it done had" ("He had it done")
(the perfect aspect in the English sentence is just
for the sake of English grammar; and "done" is the
form of the verb "do" + an aspect).

--Pablo Flores