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Re: GROUPLANG: verbs and auxiliaries

From:Mathias M. Lassailly <lassailly@...>
Date:Sunday, October 18, 1998, 19:21
Pablo wrote :
I've been checking out a Basque grammar. It turns out
> that verbs are declined by aspect, tense, etc., but > some inflections are added to the main verb while > others are made to an auxiliary verb (which is always > present). We could have that in our language, don't you > think? The auxiliary would help to lighten the burden of > the main verb, and it can be placed anywhere in the sentence. > It could also be helpful to replace the entire verb (as > in English). > > In Basque, you say > "He did it" > "He it done had" ("He had it done") > (the perfect aspect in the English sentence is just > for the sake of English grammar; and "done" is the > form of the verb "do" + an aspect). > > > --Pablo Flores >
Yes, that's a bit like in Japanese : '(I it) do-and (it is) done' = 'shi-te dekita' I even propose that we could affix some modal tags on cases, verbs and nouns : Suggestions : Relative/resumptive pronouns : latter_one = the one I just spoke about former_one = the one before the latter next_one = the one after this one this_fact = this fact I'm talking about latter_fact = the fact I just spoke about former_fact = the fact before the latter next_fact = the fact thereafter Usual modal affixes (I quote them from Japanese, but they are quite usual in any language) : perfect affix = finish; perfective affix = completed; desideratif affix = want; factual affix = do; comitative affix = and; subsequence affix = then; alternative affix = or; potential affix = can; debetative affix = must; negative affix = no; (...) = optional words. These affixes may attach to the predicate, to the nouns or to the case tag (I don't need to tag predicate with 'di-'). The dog bites either me or you and the girl and runs away = erg-dog pat-or-me pat-or-you pat-and-girl bite-then, run-then, go_away. I bake dough into cake in 2 hours = erg-me pat-dough oven, (abs-latter_fact) age-hours (age-latter_one) two time-then, age-cake product-finish = 'I use the oven on dough, this lasts two hours, then cake results' I lead the white sheep through mountain in order to escape wolves = erg-me abs-sheep att-latter_one whiteness pat-mountain go-through-do, pat-wolves escape, (att-latter_fact) age-former_fact reason. I want to know why you've lied to me = abs-want-me (age-next_fact) knowledge, age-what (att-latter_fact) reason, abs-you pat-me lie-finish. If your dog bites me today, I kill her = age-today time, erg-dog att-you latter_one pat-me bite, (att-latter_fact age-nex_fact) result, erg-me pat-she death. I can't see the house from the top of that mountain = abs-can-no-me pat-house vision att-latter_fact age-mountain origin; or : abs-me pat-can-not-house att-this_fact age-mountain origin vision. etc. ----- See the original message at -- Free e-mail group hosting at