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Re: "Coming out" about conlanging to people

From:Bryan Maloney <bjm10@...>
Date:Sunday, July 22, 2001, 16:04
At 04:38 AM 7/22/01 -0400, you wrote:
> As I told you yesterday, I presented my mother the children's book in >eight languages (six real, two mine) today, and I received the absolute >strangest reaction from one person. I could have never imagined it. > I was talking to someone else, and an aunt of mine (who doesn't see me >often) was looking at the book and my girlfriend was at hand. This aunt came >to my first language (Megdevi, with an Arabic-like script) and became very >confused and said, "What's this one?" My girlfriend said, "Oh, that's a >language David made." To which she simply replied, "Oh, I see". Totally >satisfied, not confused or perturbed at all, didn't even raise another >question in her. She just saw a language she couldn't recognize, and she >must have thought something like, "Oh, he made it, that's why I don't >recognize it." I imagined any number of reactions from the apathetic to the >mildly amused to the outlandishly offended; this I hadn't planned for.
"What's that?" "It's one of David's whacky art things." "Oh, I see."


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