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Re: warez

From:John Cowan <jcowan@...>
Date:Thursday, June 21, 2001, 15:32
Dan Jones scripsit:

 > What in Alanzia's name are "warez"? "d00dz" I can unfortunately work
 > out, but warez?

 From the Jargon File (

warez /weirz/ n.

Widely used in cracker subcultures to denote cracked version of
commercial software, that is versions from which copy-protection has
been stripped. Hackers recognize this term but don't use it themselves.
See warez d00dz, courier, leech, elite.

warez d00dz /weirz dudz/ n.

A substantial subculture of crackers refer to themselves as `warez
d00dz'; there is evidently some connection with B1FF here. As `Ozone
Pilot', one former warez d00d, wrote:

   Warez d00dz get illegal copies of copyrighted software. If it has copy
   protection on it, they break the protection so the software can be
   copied. Then they distribute it around the world via several gateways.
   Warez d00dz form badass group names like RAZOR and the like. They put
   up boards that distribute the latest ware, or pirate program. The
   whole point of the Warez sub-culture is to get the pirate program
   released and distributed before any other group. I know, I know. But
   don't ask, and it won't hurt as much. This is how they prove their
   poweress [sic]. It gives them the right to say, "I released King's
   Quest IVXIX before you so obviously my testicles are larger." Again
   don't ask...

The studly thing to do if one is a warez d00d, it appears, is emit
`0-day warez', that is copies of commercial software copied and cracked
on the same day as its retail release. Warez d00ds also hoard software
in a big way, collecting untold megabytes of arcade-style games,
pornographic JPGs, and applications they'll never use onto their hard
disks. As Ozone Pilot acutely observes:

   [BELONG] is the only word you will need to know. Warez d00dz want to
   belong. They have been shunned by everyone, and thus turn to
   cyberspace for acceptance. That is why they always start groups like
   TGW, FLT, USA and the like. Structure makes them happy. [...] Warez
   d00dz will never have a handle like "Pink Daisy" because warez d00dz
   are insecure. Only someone who is very secure with a good dose of
   self-esteem can stand up to the cries of fag and girlie-man. More
   likely you will find warez d00dz with handles like: Doctor Death,
   Deranged Lunatic, Hellraiser, Mad Prince, Dreamdevil, The Unknown,
   Renegade Chemist, Terminator, and Twin Turbo. They like to sound
   badass when they can hide behind their terminals. More likely, if you
   were given a sample of 100 people, the person whose handle is
   Hellraiser is the last person you'd associate with the name.

The contrast with Internet hackers is stark and instructive. See
cracker, wannabee, handle, elite, courier, leech; compare weenie, spod.

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