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Re: "H"'s (Was: Re: aquamarine demon (was <no subject>))

From:laokou <laokou@...>
Date:Friday, November 23, 2001, 23:37
From: "H. S. Teoh"

> Henrik Theiling wrote:
> > Really! I find it quite nice to have phonemic /h/ and /?/. Great > > consonants!
A bitch for those studying Shanghaines and Taiwanese.
> Hmm, recently I've been noticing that the way I pronounce /x/ and /h/ are > quite (too) similar. My conlang distinguishes between /x/, /h/ and /?/, > but /xi/ and /hi/ sound a bit too alike to my ears. I was in fact thinking > of making them allophonic.
Chinese influence? We were taught that "hao3" (and so much etc.) could be pronounced /haU/ or /xaU/ as allophones. Even after getting there, it always worked for me. High vowels, natch, were a different game. As for Géarthnuns, we got: zç /C<vcd>/ exists in Shanghainese (Polish?) (syllable initial only, [I think]) ç /C/ --------top 2, not considered in an "h" value by Géarthnuns speakers rh /X/ (syllable initial only) maybe not accurate, possibly like the "gr" in the Dutch "Gravenhaage; an unvoiced, breathy French "r" kh syllable final only /x/ h /h/ "h" is important in Géarthnuns. Kou