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Re: Tonal Sandhi

From:Eldin Raigmore <eldin_raigmore@...>
Date:Thursday, September 14, 2006, 22:47
On Thu, 14 Sep 2006 00:20:59 GMT,
><kevinurbanczyk@...> wrote: >[snip] >So my question would be, which style of tones are ya looking for? >Contour or Register...
In legato speech, after sandhi has applied, definitely the surface tones would constitute a "Contour Tone" system. But in staccato speech, the underlying system might be either a "contour tone" system or a "register tone" system. It will have three pitches; high, medium, and low. Whether the underlying tones of staccato speech will be MM, HL, LH (thus "contour"); or else be M, L, H (thus "register"); I don't know yet. But I can imagine all nine combinations arising as a result of sandhi. ----- eldin (P.S. I am not the author of the conlang in question; he has asked for help on the EastAsianConLangs Yahoo!group, and got no knowledgeable answer -- only me.)