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Re: USAGE: Adrian's vowel disorder

From:Adrian Morgan <morg0072@...>
Date:Monday, November 27, 2000, 1:17
And Rosta wrote:

> OK. Try to repeat each word a few times.
I've bought one of those ten-minute sampling cassettes and I'm ready to record. I'll wait another twenty hours though, to let Conlang members comment on my plans. I'd like to put the results on my web page, as a service to the conlang and amateur linguistic communities. It would be nice to add information about how social/regional/personal dialects vary across Australia (shouldn't be hard to research in this age of email), and perhaps also some information about what is most remarkable in my dialect from an international perspective (conlang the best resource on this). In other words I'd like to create a one-page online resource about Australian dialects that uses my own idiolect as the primary example. Since the few resources that exist are biased toward the Eastern states I think this would be useful. My current plan is to record three repetitions of each of the following sentences. Consider the sound in sound or the vowel in vowel. Our problem is there's only an hour to go. The air is cool and through it I can hear. The boy sawed the wood and the girl saw the world. You'll be sent there with a bottle soon but I'll come when I can. My father is insane, my mother is mad, and my sister's mind is gone. Adrian. -- web. | Here and there I like to preserve a few islands of sanity | within the vast sea of absurdity which is my mind. member/ | After all, you can't survive as an eight foot tall dragon | flesh eating dragon if you've got no concept of reality.