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From:daniel andreasson <daniel.andreasson@...>
Date:Saturday, May 26, 2001, 12:22
Hey all.

Today's my birthday (now I'm 24), so I allowed myself to
do some conlanging. Here's what I've come up with so far
for Cen [tSen].

Cen is a daughter language to Quenya. The sound changes are
the same as those for Brithenig, i.e. I used the Grand
Master Plan, to make it look more Welsh, and still unlike
Sindarin. The stress has also moved to the last syllable.


VSO - NG - NA - Prep


{c}  [k]  / _a,o,u
{c}  [tS] / _e,i
{ll} [K] (voiceless lateral fricative)
{ff} [f]
{f}  [v]
{ch} [x]
{y}  [i:] when stressed, [@] when unstressed

Stress on final syllable


FUT = -ow < -uva
PRS = -a
PST = -ne
DEF.ART = sg. _i_ pl. _ir_

= MUTATIONS = (pretty much as in Welsh)

Radical  Soft Spirant  Nasal
p         b     ff      mh
t         d     th      nh
c         g     ch      ngh
b         f     f       m
d         dd    dd      n
g         0/'   0/'     ng
m         f     f       n/a
ll        l     l       n/a
rh        r     r       n/a
s         h     h       n/a

<'> pronounced [j] is used after [i] and [e], otherwise null.

* Soft mutation occurs after GEN o [coll o fenel < menel ],
for adjectives after nouns [oron fag < oron mag], and after
particles such as augmentative llim [llim len < llim llen].
Also in the second element of a compound [nifelis < ni
'woman' + melis 'lover']
* Spirant mutation marks nouns as plural.
* Nasal mutation only occurs after prepositions ending in -n.



   "Nostor alasin!"

nost:or   alasin
birth:day joyous
'Happy birthday!'
[nO'stOr ala'sIn]

          * * *


   "Mad llamgalf! Ond llam!"

mad   llam:galf      ond    llam
fight language:death create language
'Fight language death! Create a language!'
[mad Kam'galv Ond Kam]

          * * *

~ NA'EL LLIM LEN ("you are so beautiful") ~

Here's the poem Asiko (meaning "fifteen") originally by
Jennifer Barefoot. Further down is "Cirion's Oath".

   RHATSE-A-NEL                  FIFTEEN

   coll o fenel                  heaven's cloak
   cul oron fag se isce          dresses every mountain in mist
   na'el llim len                you are so beautiful
   allo lum era                  from remote clouds
   ffen alch or iar              lightning flashes over the sea
   na'el llim len                you are so beautiful
   na'el llim len                you are so beautiful
   na'ir ffan ir chess o'i anar  the clouds are the sun's feathers
   se anyn                       in the evening


coll  o   fenel
cloak GEN heaven
'Heaven's cloak'
[kOK O ve'nEl]

cul   oron     fag   se isce
dress mountain every in mist
'Dresses every mountain in mist'
[kUl o'rOn vag se i'Se]

na'el      llim len
be:PRS'2SG AUG  beautiful
'You are so beautiful'
[najl KIm len]

allo lum*     era
from clouds:PL remote
'From remote clouds'
[a'Ko lUm e'ra]

ffen      alch  or   iar
lightning flash over sea
'lightning flashes over the sea'
[fEn alx Or jar]

na'ir   ffan*    ir     chess      o'i     anar
are'the cloud:PL the:PL feather:PL GEN'the sun
'The clouds are the sun's feathers'
[najr fan Ir xEs oj a'nar]

se anyn
in evening
'in the evening'
[se a'ni:n]

* _llum_ is 'dark lowering cloud' (pl. _lum_)
  _ffan_ is 'white cloud'

          * * *



  Terfow wan hen se'i enal o'i alch o'i nur o'i elen a'i
  foron o Elenil Forono, tiren nen ent y ar se'i fal se
  nyfen a'i Eru y or ir fal ill ia tenoio.


terfow    wan  hen  se i   enal   o   i   alch
stand:FUT oath this in the memory GEN the glory
'This oath will stand in the memory of the glory'
[tEr'vOw wan hEn sEj e'nal oj alx]

o   i   nur  o  i   elen tiren     nen   ent   y   ar
GEN the land of the star guard:PPT INSTR those who sit
'of the land of the star, guarded by those who sit'
[oj nUr oj e'lEn tI'rEn nEn Ent @ ar]

se ir     fal    se nyfen a   i   foron o   Elenil  Forono
on the:PL throne in west  and the faith GEN Elendil Faithful
'on the thrones in the west and the faith of Elendil the Faithful'
[sEjr val sE ni'vEn aj vo'rOn O ElE'nIl vOro'no]

a   i   Eru y   or   ir     fal       ill ia    tenoio
and The One who over the:PL throne:PL all exist forever
'and The One who forever stands over all thrones.'
[aj e'ru @ Or Ir val iK ja teno'jo]

So, to you who actually read all this, what do you think
of it? I'm quite happy with the way it turned out.

||| daniel

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