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A new romance conlang is born: Aingeljã

From:Ángel Serrano <aingelja@...>
Date:Sunday, August 25, 2002, 23:41
Hello everybody. (Perhaps you have heard this before; if so, I'm sorry to repeat the
information.) I have the pleasure to announce that a new romance conlang has
been born: Aingeljã (or Angelian). It is inspired mainly in Spanish, Catalan,
Galician-Portuguese, French and Italian, with little influences from English
and German. You can learn more about this new language at:

This web can be read in Angelian, English and Spanish. It includes phonetic
information, a grammar (not complete), illustrated vocabulario, sample texts,
and a 800-word dictionary (and counting!!).


Ángel Serrano.
A pagga doul'Aingelja - La página del Angeliano - Angelian's Homepage

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