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Re: A new romance conlang is born: Aingeljã

From:Tom Little <tom@...>
Date:Friday, August 30, 2002, 1:12
>I think you can understand Aingeljã so well, because >it is very similar to Spanish.
Indeed, but even where it departs from Spanish it is comfortable for me - perhaps because I studied Latin a lot and have a passing acquaintance with other Romance languages.
> > You need a version of the site in pure Angelian > >Well, I wrote the English version in order to allow >English-speaking conlangers to understand my web. > > > dipping into my native English to read what you are >doing seems almost a > > disservice. > >Sorry, but my English is not as good as you think. I >don0't understand this sentence. What do you mean?
Yes, it is nice to have the English version. What I am saying is that even though English is my native language, it would be more pleasant to read about Angelian in Angelian! Keep up the good work
>Bye - Adio!
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