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Conlang Typology Survey [was Word-Order Types]

From:Jeffrey Henning <jeffrey@...>
Date:Friday, November 12, 1999, 4:43
Kristian Jensen <kljensen@...> comunu:

> NG - head noun before a genitive modifier > GN - genitive modifier before a head noun
While I know what a noun and a genitive is, I don't know what a genitive modifier is. Can someone give me a definition and a couple examples?
>It would be interesting to see what the most common word order type >is in our respective conlangs. Anyone up to the challenge of doing >the statistics?
Yes, stats are easy with my Real Life magnum . If you want to participate, just e-mail this to me. Q. 1 We are doing a typology of conlangs. You can profile a favorite conlang or profile your own, but if you profile your own, please profile only the language you are currently working on most. (Otherwise, if someone has created 10 languages with the same typology, they will bias the results.) Type your answers in the brackets. [ ] Conlang name [ ] Conlang author [ ] Your name Put an X between the brackets for one choice for each of the following questions. Q. 2 [ ] I - verb-initial (VSO) [ ] II - verb-medial (SVO) [ ] III - verb-final (SOV) Q. 3 [ ] Pr - prepositional [ ] Po - postpositional Q. 4 [ ] NG - head noun before a genitive modifier [ ] GN - genitive modifier before a head noun Q. 5 [ ] NA - noun before an attributive adjective [ ] AN - attributive adjective before a houn Q. 6 Enter any comments or notes here, as much text as you want. (They will be shared with the list when the stats are reported.) [ ] I'll close the balloting in one week. Best regards, Jeffrey Henning Perseus SurveySolutions for the Web Fast, Easy, Professional Web & E-mail Surveys Download your free trial today! --