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Two different opposites (again)

From:Carsten Becker <post@...>
Date:Sunday, May 9, 2004, 20:09
From:    Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...> wrote:
know <-> not know
know <-> unknow (forget)
do <-> not do
do <-> undo
This seems more like the three points of a triangle
than the two endpoints of a single spectrum.
Yet in
other cases these two different opposites really mean
about the same thing:
welcome <-> not welcome
welcome <-> unwelcome
happy <-> not happy
happy <-> unhappy
This seems to be an interesting feature for a conlang. But is this distinction at least a little naturalistic? I'd like to include this in Ayeri, but I'm not sure because of my doubts. Ayeri is nearly as regular and unambiguous like a loglang, but nevertheless is thought to be a spoken, naturally evolved language. --Carsten


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