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HELP: a few questions

From:Jim Grossmann <steven@...>
Date:Thursday, August 15, 2002, 6:19
Hi, all,

I have a few questions...

1st:   Does anyone remember an old thread about how to do a 24-hour conlang,
i.e. how to write a grammar as rapidly as possible?   I tried searching the
archives for this thread, without success.

2nd:   Has anyone experimented with chaining conlangs or other ways to
eliminate grammatical subordination of clauses in a conlang?

3rd:   Here's a twice-asked question:  I've heard that, the more
sophisticated the cross-referencing system on the verbs, the less need there
is to explicitly mark embedding.   Why would this be so?




Dirk Elzinga <dirk_elzinga@...>