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CHAT : Re: Racial Classification (was Re: LOTR credit line)

From:Andreas Johansson <andjo@...>
Date:Thursday, January 1, 2004, 1:18
Quoting Akhilesh Pillalamarri <valardil@...>:

> The racial classification system is totally messed up.
Who ever said it was _supposed_ to make sense? ;)
> When they say "asian," > i guess they mean the "East asians." I also guess "white" refers to people of > european, north african, and middle eastern descent, though i cant figure out > where central asians belong. I also wonder aobut native americans and > austrialian natives. I'm of indian (from India) descent. I cant figure out if > im "white" or "asian." I kno im supposed to be white, but it doesnt seem to > fit. I kno many indians that if they didnt have "Caucassian" features, they > would be classified as "Black." And then, for blacks, i would exclude Khosian > people. They should really create a better classification system, though > scientifically race is non-existant; how about: northern white(european,some > central asians), southern white(most middle eastern,north africa,india?), > asian (many east and southeast asians), northern asian (north and many east > asians) [there is a big difference genetically between north and south > chines! > e], > amerindians, austrialian aborigonies, black, khosian people, pacific > islander, and pygmies.Thats 10, and it makes better sense. though i cant > really draw a line between my "Asian" and "North Asian" group, and the > "Asian" and "Pacific islander" group. I also cant figure out where to put > eskimos. And latinos dont even form a group so their really hard to classify. > Please give me feedback, questions, answers, comments, (general discussion). > Read "Genes, Race, and Language" very good book.
I make no claims it useful for purposes of science or racism, but by my mental classification, "black" means Negroid, "white" means light-skinned Caucasoid, "yellow" means paler varieties of Asian Mongoloid and "red" American Mongoloid. This leaves a few thousand million people outside the system, but I've never perceived that as a problem. How 'Latino' came to be treated as a racially category has always completely mystified me. Andreas


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