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Re: eskribiw

From:Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Thursday, November 25, 2004, 16:18
B. Garcia wrote:

> Point of divergence is indeed a correct term.
Glad to know.
> Be aware however that while the Moors did attempt to advance into > France, they did not however control everything south of the > Tours/Poitiers region. There was a good amount left autonomous (more > than I had earlier written), pretty much everything north of Leon, > Huesca, and Barcelona was autonomous. These are all areas outside of > the main trends of Hispano-Romance at the time. They actually allowed > these areas to remain outside of their control (probably to their > downfall as these areas were where the reconquista began. > > So i'm not disputing what your plan is, but it's just something to be > careful about when describing it. Why would the muslims want all of > the iberian peninsula there when here it seems the most northern areas > weren't of much interest, even though they took the time to meet > Frankish armies in the battle of Tours?
Thank you for these clarifications. I did not think much about a conhistory for this project. All I needed is somehow to explain survival of islamic states on the hispano- and lusophonic territories. If you can give me a good advise for a better explanation, I'll appreciate it indeed. Actually, I thought more about the language than about explaining how it could happen. Why? Because I find Spanish and Portuguese aestheticly appealing, and I also like the way Farsi incorporated a lot of Arabic loans and concepts into its structure. That's why I decided to try the something similar on Romance base. A Romlang written in Arabic script, btw, produces surrealistic impression ;) -- Yitzik