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the roundandround board of the firststuffs (was: English syllable structure)

From:Anton Sherwood <bronto@...>
Date:Thursday, December 13, 2001, 7:05
"H. S. Teoh" wrote:
> *shrug* I'm not a chem major either, but I used to be able to reproduce > the entire periodic table from memory except for some of the lanthanide > series and the post-uranium elements. And yes, I knew exactly what every > element's symbol stood for. . . .
As a child I once asked why the names were assigned so haphazardly. Why not give the name Actinium to the first element, Aluminum to the next, then Argon and so on? (Assuming I haven't forgotten one; I never had a good reason to learn more than a few.) It seems rather a shame that Mendeleev's "eka-" names were not kept and extended. -- Anton Sherwood --


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