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yet another new conlang

From:Shreyas Sampat <laopooh@...>
Date:Monday, March 11, 2002, 2:05
My conlang Nrit had an identity crisis, and a few millennia later it found
itself in the form of my newer conlang, Tsiréssa.  (/ts1.", for the
It somehow developed a rounding-harmony system in its vowels and some wild
mutation patterns.

To resurrect an old but excellent translation, here're two fragments of
Sally's White Sword text:

i-Dánn drítta ka-mmádt, she-nhhíd toz-sirát av-jutúd...
/1."dan: d4it.t@ k@m."mat_} SeJ."Jid^h tMz.s1."4at^h av."J\}.tud^h/
ACC-sword white 3p-like REL-summer over-land 3p-hang
Like a white sword, summer hangs over the land.

...Ái, tánn tu-zirát nhíde, kash-tu-bvésta, sin nút kash-tu-zhédah mún!
/"aj "tan: tM.z1."4a.ti "Jid^h k@S.t1."bves.t@ s1n "nut^h k@S.tM."Zed.@x
sword GEN-land summer IMP-2p-come and 1p.ACC IMP-2p-melt again
Come, O sword of mysummer country, and melt me again!


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