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Arvorec (WAS: Translation Exercise)

From:Elliott Lash <al260@...>
Date:Monday, March 11, 2002, 7:14
In a message dated Sun, 10 Mar 2002  8:57:33 PM Eastern Standard Time, Dan Jones <dan@...> writes:

> Padraic Brown escreva: > > > "When I say a word it means exactly what I want it to mean, no more > > > and no less." > > > >In Kerno: > > > >Cant ke deckem me ce parowla, fa 's precisament ke geouelem ke > >fez ys: no menoer, no mais. > > <delurks> > In Arvorec: > > Pon y cwad vy'n vreydyr, a 'wad hy yn ollan pe ys def men a hy gwada, n'ys > math, n'ys ley. > > Interlinear: > when [imperfect particle] say-1s I one word, [imperfect particle] say-3s > she in exactness [relative particle] is to-me want of her say-inf, > [negative imperfect particle] is more, [negative imperfect particle] is less. > > A closer translation would be: > When I say a word, she says just which there is a want to me for her > saying, no more, no less. > > Dan Jones > <relurks>
NEEP!!!!!!! I'm assuming Arvorec is a Brittonic Conlang?! Most of the words there could either be Latin words mangled a la Brithoneg, but...I'm almost certain they're mostly genuine Celtic...please explain! and give websites and so forth...I like it alot. Elliott Lash


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