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Re: [conculture] Memorization (conculture version)

From:Padraic Brown <pbrown@...>
Date:Sunday, February 13, 2000, 22:57
On Fri, 12 Feb 100, John Cowan wrote:

>Irina Rempt scripsit: > >> Same here; only we used to say "1x4 is 4; 2x4 is 8" etcetera, to >> recite "the table of 4". In a chanting tone as well, what's called >> the "kleuterdreun" ("kindergarten sing-song"), the falling minor >> third in which children tend to sing taunts, "g e g g e". > >The taunt-tune here is Eb C F Eb C, but that is not used for the >multiplication tables etc.
Well, Eb/C is a minor third as well; and I don't think we were musically savvy enough to know what actual pitch we were chanting our tables and taunts in anyway. We chanted the tables as Irina notes above, and at least one taunt as John notes. Your pitch may vary; not applicable in major keys; etc. Padraic.
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