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Re: Intercontinental ... from recent post at auxlang

From:John Cowan <jcowan@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 9, 1999, 16:20
Jay Bowks wrote:

> Any other translations ???
Lojban: la sol. cusku lu Sun says, quote, zo sol. cmene mi .i mi mutce carmi "Sun" benames me. I am very brilliant. .i mi du'a mo'iga'u klama I in-the-east moving-upward go. .ije ca le nu mi klama kei donri And at the event-of my going, it-is-day. .i mi zgana pa'o le do canko sepi'o le mi solji carmi kanla I observe transfixing the of-you window with-tool the of-me (goldly bright) eye. .ije mi ternuzba do le du'u le cikmokca cu cabna And I am-a-news-source to-you of-the statement-that the awake-moment is-now. .ije mi cusku fi do fe lu And I say to you, quote, le nu mi carmi na mukti le nu do sipna stali ga'u le ckana The event-of my shining does-not-motivate the event-of you sleepingly remain atop the bed. .i mukti le nu do sanli gi'e gunka Motivates the event-of you standing and working. .i mukti le nu tcidu gi'e cadzu li'u li'u Motivates the event-of reading and walking, unquote, unquote.
>English... > >"The sun says: 'My name is sun. I am very brilliant. >I rise in the east, and when I rise, it is day. I look >through your window with my eye as bright as gold, >and I tell you when it is time to get up. And I say to >you: "Lazy one, get up. I don't shine so that you may >stay in bed sleeping but that you may get up and work, >that you read and go walking."
-- John Cowan Schlingt dreifach einen Kreis vom dies! / Schliess eurer Aug vor heiliger Schau Den er genoss vom Honig-Tau / Und trank die Milch vom Paradies. -- Coleridge (tr. Politzer)