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Re: CHAT dating the Gospels (was: Languages in Gibson's Passion)

From:John Cowan <cowan@...>
Date:Sunday, March 14, 2004, 1:57
Ray Brown scripsit:

> (I consulted an English translation that, oddly, left it out in Luke). On > consulting the Greek NT, I find Luke also states that the inscription > (epigraphe:) was written in Greek, Roman and Hebrew letters (grammasin > helle:nikois kai rho:maïkois kai hebraïkois) - the only language written > at that time in Roman letters was Latin.
The Alexandrian manuscripts (and therefore most modern translations) omit the specification of the languages in Luke 23:28.
> It's because of possible changes that the synoptic (1st three Gospels) > There is no good reason to doubt the authorship of Luke's Gospel
There is very good reason to think that Luke had Mark's Gospel open in front of him while he was writing, and that he either had access to Matthew's Gospel, or vice versa, or that both had access to some common source now lost (the so-called "Q" or "Sayings of Jesus").
> Matthew's Gospel is more problematic as we do not know its author.
He was surely Jewish, however, and he too was working from Mark's Gospel. -- Here lies the Christian, John Cowan judge, and poet Peter, Who broke the laws of God and man and metre.


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