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Second verse.

From:Lars Finsen <lars.finsen@...>
Date:Saturday, May 12, 2007, 12:04
I wrote:

> Dindi nu cumi sa daden. > Derksed i, Utt-trisin, > Gernadia madin, > mazin evret Uret, > Uttrediay > > Would you say it has any poetic merit, or what?
Evidently not. But now I have revised the second one too, and it came out as follow: Nankedi geven Gernada. Given zingi sivi. Furus aje frurat. Farmut bedur i sa, Uttrediay. kill-3p.past return-3p.past warrior-3p.nom defeated-pl fear-stat.part.nom see-3s.past prominent-comp be-3s.past 3s.gen The Nomagians killed Karnantos. The warriors returned defeated. Fearful he saw it from the well. He had a more prominent father, Uttrediay. In the 19th century, European trends had made a profound impact on Urianian peasant poetics and end rhymes were becoming common. But since Urianian unlike other western European languages maintains a lot of inflectional endings, the end rhymes did not gain predominance so easily, and especially in old songs you would still find some remains of ancient poetics. And this song is very old, with alliterations and internal rhymes as its main instruments. The original dactylic meter is kept only in the first line, while the others are reduced due to loss of syllables with the changes in the language over the centuries. I'm still not sure if I have the final version yet. Maybe I have some revision yet to do before I can arrive at the version that Huizenga collected. But it would be nice anyway (please!) to hear any comment on how good and how plausible this sounds and looks. LEF