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Re: You might be a conlanger if...

From:Tristan Mc Leay <conlang@...>
Date:Friday, November 12, 2004, 5:35
Philip Newton wrote:

>>Thinking about it, the rule might be that stressed /E/ tends towards /I/ in >>front of nasals. Examples: >>end -> /Ind/ >>sender -> /sInd@r/ (merges with "cinder") >>empire -> /ImpaIj@r/ >>emblem -> /Imbl@m/ >>Ent -> /Int/ >>emanate -> /Im@nejt/ (questionable) >>These words aren't _always_ pronounced the way I've shown (often /E/ is >>used), but the pronounciations I've given don't neccessarily sound wrong to >>me. >> >> > >When I tried to pronounce those words as written, it sounded rather >Australian to me. > >
It sounds Kiwi to this Australian, but I don't really know if I really know exactly what [I] sounds like. (I gave a recording of my speech to an American, and he said I said 'wind' (and other words with /I/ before a nasal) as [wind] but other words with /I/ with [I], and I can't hear the difference.) -- Tristan.