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Re : TRANSLATION: Grandfather and the dragon

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Date:Monday, July 12, 1999, 21:03
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 12/07/99 20:13:38  , Taliesin a =E9crit :
--------------------------- quote
ka=ECrfa=EC       a    gva=ECr
ka=ECr - fa=EC    a    gva=ECr
4    - parent and  "dragon"

"Grandfather and the dragon"

ka=ECrfa=ECdudjal:;                  i:ru
ka=ECr - fa=EC    -du       =3Ddjal:   i:   -ru
4    - parent -young    =3Dtime_of 3s.+ -LOC.g

djinra       e=ECcavy
djin   -ra   e=ECca  -vy
travel -PAST world -LOC.moving.fixed

"When my great-great-grandfather was a young man, he travelled out
into the world."

i:   xvua=ECc          ry=FA's; rael:ia
i:   xvu      -a=ECc   ry=FA's  rael: =3Dia
3s.+ approach -first west   sand  =3Dland.of

"First he went west; there was only sand there."

a=F2       i:   xvu      'ryc; syel:ia
a=F2       i:   xvu      'ryc  syel: =3Dia
and.then 3s.+ approach north snow  =3Dland.of

"Then he went north; there was only snow there."

a=F2       i:   xvu      ly=E8's; ju:ar:in:
a=F2       i:   xvu      ly=E8's  ju:  -ar:e   -in:
and.then 3s.+ approach east   high -most   -too_much

vaeren         a    ka=ECrfa=EC
vaer     -en   a    ka=ECr - fa=EC
mountain -PL   and  4    - parent

-=EB-   ct'a =3Dlan:
-not- pass =3Dcapable.of

"Then he went east; there the mountains were too high and
great-great-grandfather couldn't climb them."

i:el      'syardris     djin   xvu      ksy's; k'a:on;     ta'aon;
i:   -el  'syard' -ris  djin   xvu      ksy's  k'a: -on    ta'a -on
3s.+ -EXP decide  -last travel approach south  foot -INSTR ride -INSTR=20

brenon;     a    tiron
bren -on    a    tir  -on
car  -INSTR and  ship -INSTR

"At last he decided to travel south, on foot, on horseback, by cart and by

i:ruel           ksy'seles       tca'ra
i:   -ru    -el  ksy's -el  -es  tca' -ra
3s.+ -LOC.g -EXP south -EXP -LOC see  -PAST

ge=E0lar:ei=F0         ga=ECnrui=F0          e=ECcai=F0es
ge=E0l -ar:e   -i=F0   ga=ECn -ru    -i=F0   e=ECca  -i=F0   -es
big  -most   -BEN  city -LOC.g -BEN  world -BEN  -LOC

"In the south he saw the largest city in all the world."
---------------------------------------- end of quote

nice almost-monosyllabic language.
but could you remind us what " : " stands for ?
and what is LOC.g exactly ? something located earlier ?

i have a try in tayalat :

babad-a-babad samn-e valaz-a-nar=E2v
father-of-father together-DIR serpent-of-skies
"Grandfather and the dragon"

pann-e-l babad-a-babad-a-babad-a-babad h=E2-k tahizur siyanim
time-DIR-that father-of-father-of-father-of-father of-me be_man young
"When my great-great-grandfather was a young man

hat zh=E2walud-o dan=E2n.
he travel-IND worlds.
he travelled out into the world."

parn-a-l hat t=E2wakun-e burat;
before-NOM-that he goes_to-DIR west;
"first he went west

tagl-a sanab mayanun-e-g
only-NOM sand locate-DIR-here=20
there was only sand here"

purn-a-l hat t=E2wakun-e sulat
after-NOM-that he goes_to
"then he went north

purn-a-l hat t=E2wakun-e barat
after-NOM-that he go_to east
"Then he went east;

tab=E2l h=E2-d tayagul kuyarun
mountains of-there be_high be_too-much
there the mountains were too high

babad-a-babad-a-babad-a-babad mezhd-i sawagur-e-m
father-of-father-of-father-of-father cannot-RES climb-DIR-it
(and) great-great-grandfather couldn't climb them."

tuyamt-i-l hat sawakm-i zhawalud takn-e salat
end-RES-that he decide-RES travel go_to-DIR south
"At last he decided to travel south

tawamn-=E2 tak=E2k, y=E2 pur=E2n-a-gasan,
going-NOM-ATT feet, NOM-ATT backs-of-horse,
on foot, on horseback,

y=E2 karat, y=E2 kapal
NOM-ATT cart, NOM-ATT boat
by cart and by boat"

salat hat kayatut-e banat mayagil kayarin-e dan=E2n.
south he see-DIR city big exceeding-DIR worlds.
"in the south he saw the largest city in all the world"