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Mungayod revision, Part II: The Nouns!

From:Dan Seriff <microtonal@...>
Date:Friday, September 15, 2000, 22:16
I've finally gotten around to revamping the substantives to go along
with my major overhaul of the verbs. I've decided to adopt a
predominantly Grecian system, wherein the case and number are marked on
the article, although I've broken with the Greek in that the nouns
themselves are only minimally marked, as in German. This kinda gives me
the feeling of a vestigial case-marking system that was subsumed into
the article. Adjectives are not marked at all, but their head noun is
made clear by the fact that the adjective *always* follows its noun, no exceptions.

The four genders are as before: person (/iI/), animal (/iu/), matter
(/ilu/), concept (/i/). The purals of all cases are marked by the same
article (/fei/).

There are 7 cases: nom, acc, dat, gen, locative, instrumental-sociative,
and directional. The first four function just as they do in any
Indo-European language. The loc, isoc, and dir cases function just like
they sound, with their specific meaning indicated by a preposition
preceding the article.

To demonstrate: the noun "chamu" (/tSAmu/) is "fish" and takes /iu/. The
full declension:

nom     iu chamu
acc     liu chamu
dat     tò chamut (ò is o-grave: /O/)
gen     wu chamùng (ù is u-grave: /U/)
loc     ziu chamu
isc     sòju chamu (ò is o-grave: /O/)
dir     djiu chamu

Nothing else seems to need revision, since I successfully removed the
need to talk about adjectives and adverbs. <evil g> I'll re-translate
the Babel text this weekend, and post it later on, so everyone can see
the revisions in action. :)

Daniel Seriff

Si iterum insanum me appelles, oculum alterum tuum edem.