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Weekly Vocab 10

From:Mike Ellis <nihilsum@...>
Date:Thursday, June 5, 2003, 0:49
It's 10. Last week's was number 9.
And there have been some other translation exercises posted recently which
I must get around to...

Mair yarjukom orpadad: 2539 orpe
Sonra yarjukom orpadad: 2556 orpe

>1. to pronounce
zduak, keipalbak
>Those people pronounce everything oddly.
Eya pöki paikuin eyetie keipalbaz. that people everything-ACC odd-ADV pronounce-3PL
>2. to agglutinate
>Finnish agglutinates a lot.
Suomiava dag'ie kinitma. Finnish much-ADV agglutinate-3SG
>3. to conjugate
>He conjugates his verbs superbly.
Jodonin s'urebie procana. verbs-ACC excellent-ADV conjugate-3SG
>4. syntax
kac'ik, kac'ikuvat
>Some dialects change syntax.
Kac'ik waerizna üsoziai anc'ez. syntax(-ACC) vary-3PL-REL dialects exist-3PL
>5. morpheme
>There are two morphemes in "head cold".
I "kyaanovela" lak imic'leti anc'ez. in "head-cold" two* morphemes exist-3PL *of course, Rheans would likely say "kyaanni vela" -- three morphemes.
>6. refuse
fmas' (garbage specifically) znika (any waste, garbage, sewage, etc)
>Refuse is building up in the city.
I tibadom znika jibozokas'. in city-INST waste MID-accumulate-3SG
>7. stench
>The stench is horrible.
Rank'ad gül c'e. stench disgusting be:3SG
>8. to flinch
tic'ek (wince in pain, twitch by reflex) geredak (recoil, cringe)
>I flinch whenever I pass a midden.
Paidorod yar bongadz g'ec'am ba geredam. every-when by dungheap pass-1SG COND cringe-1SG.
>9. to play (instrument)
>I play a lyre for rich men of the city.
Tibada bagotit kaz dvaduim. city-GEN rich-PL-DAT "kaz"(-ACC)* perform-1SG *the |kaz| is a Rhean stringed instrument, and I'm still not sure how it works.
>10. proud
>They are overbearingly proud, but they also pay well.
Erobrünmik yoto c'ez, ak' dag'ie platvaz. "overbearing" proud be:3PL , but much-ADV pay-3PL M