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a crying-out for resources

From:B Elliott Walker <umwalk05@...>
Date:Friday, December 10, 1999, 1:40
=E2llo there......

i was wondering if anyone on this minty-minty list knew of any good books
detailing the syntax & or morphology of Ojibwe, or any other algonquian
language besides Cree. I'v managed to find a few works on Cree (mostly
notable are those by Ahenakew and Wolfart) and a grammar of Blackfoot, bu=
i'm not getting any love in my search for languages such as anishaabeg,
kickapoo, or menomini, let alone montagnais, naskapi or innu.

help help help!

danke mucho,


p=E2takimwuk=EAc atimw=EA=9Aup apiy=EA=9Aupim ecanukw=FBp=F4k?