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replies to padraic brown and danny wier

From:Samuel Rivier <samuelriv@...>
Date:Thursday, July 5, 2001, 1:29
hey padraic- sorry the message was meant for the
auxlang group- i accidently sent it here- hope it
wasn't a burden

hey danny- i hope you're in the auxlang group because
that is where this discussion should be, but ive
always hated the two party system (NADER ALL THE WAY)
and i think that Esperanto, as the piece of crap that
it is, will do more to damage the movement for an IAL
and also the conlang movement (conlangs dont work,
etc) than it will to help it. It's simply too
difficult and solves no language problems whatsoever.

Everyone- I forgot to mention my conlang projects I'm
thinking about

1. whistle language-maybe something of a whistle-click
language like dolphins

2. chimp language- chimps lack glottae, but can still
produce some sounds. Perhaps we can make a language
that can get them to communicate via audio symbols

3. fastspeak- the project still intrigues me- probably
a lost cause though

4. aUI clone- not an international auxilary language,
but a UNIVERSAL auxilary language- how can one
communicate with aliens?

5. French sounds- so beautiful to the ear- maybe a
language based on french speech

and finally I'm currently working on an IAL based
loosely on lojban, but I'm staying as independent from
established auxlangs as I possibly can.

I've finished an english reform that simplifies
grammar, spelling, etc.

-----Samuel Rivier

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