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Re : Re: Creole vs. Pidgin

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Date:Saturday, July 24, 1999, 22:13
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 24/07/99 21:05:32  , Nik a =E9crit :

> I suspect where misunderstanding each other here. Are you saying that > whether a verb was -are, -ere, -e:re, or -ire was determined by if the > verb had a perfect/imperfect/stative meaning, or are you saying that the > tenses of Latin were arranged by perfect-imperfect-stative? Your first > e-mail sounded like you meant the first, that there was meaning to being > -are, -ere, -e:re, or -ire, but this one sounds like you're talking > about the tenses.
i mean the first, saying latin tagging is not consitent. it's no tense, it's=20 all aspective, that is, aspect within the definition of the verb before=20 aspectivation of the sentence. mathias