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Deciphering Conlangs

From:John Crowe <johnxcrowe@...>
Date:Monday, June 25, 2007, 20:49
Hi all,

There appears to be no search feature on the archive, so... have there been
or is there such a contest or puzzle where one tries to "decipher" conlangs
(or any lang) given a translation in a known language? (like how Egyptian
heiroglyphics were deciphered using Rosetta stone)

Here is one that I made which hopefully isn't too hard:

Text to be deciphered in conlang created just for this purpose:

torem kuf kysepapel y? o gi torem kif e kyysepal e kysepapal o torem kif
kysepapel. torem kof kyypapes. e tilum kif kapapaf e tipam kepapaf.

Text that has already been translated to English (below):

topam kif. tapam kof kapapaf. tipam kuf kapapas. talum kif kapapaf; tapam kos
kepapaf y. talum kif kapapas; topam kos kepapas. torem kuf kapapes; o talum
kof kepapes o gi tapam kof kapapes. gi torem kif e kysepapel e kypapas.
torem kif kyypas.

English translation of above text:

I eat. He ate an apple. You will eat some apples. Did they eat the apple I
touched? They always eat the apples that I touch. She touched the oranges
that you like, but she didn't eat them. I don't like orange juice and
apples. I like some fruits.



Jim Henry <jimhenry1973@...>